Monday, March 7, 2016

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Cake (instructions below)

This cake was super easy and a HUGE hit with everyone.  We used chocolate cake mix with Nutella + buttercream icing.  We LOVE Nutella in this family, so it was the perfect addition.

3 boxes of chocolate cake mix
5 tubs of premade buttercream icing
2 cups of Nutella (1 cup to mix with cake mix, 1 cup to mix with buttercream icing) - OPTIONAL
7 pieces of Oreo Cookies (Crumbled)
1 tube of green gel icing coloring
1 tube of brown gel icing coloring (optional, since Nutella will turn icing brown)
Icing Piping Supplies (with grass tip, many options)

1. Bake 3 - 13x9 pans of your choice of cake, allow to cool.
2. Mix buttercream icing with Nutella (ratio based on your preference).  If you do not want to add Nutella, you must add the brown gel icing to achieve your brown color.  Separate Oreo cookies from white filling and crumble (place in zip lock bag with smash with spoon) to make "dirt" for outside of cake.
3. Layer the three cakes and add sheet of icing between layers (optional: add Oreo crumbles).
4. Slice edges of cake for shape.
5. Ice the outside of the cake with brown buttercream frosting.
6. Use a icing spatula to "pat" the Oreo crumbs onto the side of the cake.  This part is obviously very messy, but I left the bottom edges coated with whatever Oreo crumbs fell out and felt it looked perfectly fine.
7. Pipe the top of the cake with the green icing for the grass.  Add any Minecraft toys, etc.  We made the pig out of gum paste (hardest thing to make ever).  The link for the papercraft TNT box is below.

These party favor bags were super easy to make but tedious if you plan on making 15+ like I did.
 Here is each item broken down.

First, you need to download the Minecrafter font to customize some of these files.

Download Minecrafter font:  Download Link

TNT Treat Bags - Bag Labels:

 I purchased red treat bags from Party City, and used this label for the front and back.
These are Avery Shipping Labels (2" by 4") - Link here for purchase from Walmart.

TNT template for front-side of bag:
(You must have font downloaded for Microsoft Word version - see font download above)

"Thank you for coming" Label on the back:
If you want to edit this label in Microsoft Word with your child's name, download the font (above) and edit with Word.

Otherwise, you can download the generic template here in PDF to print onto your labels.

TNT Treat Bags - Gold and TNT Printables:

I purchased tiny treat bags to fill with Rolo Chocolates 
and stapled the "gold" food tent from the free printables above to close the bag.

I purchased Pretzel-sized clear bags to put Twizzlers 
and stapled the "TNT" food tent from the free printables to close the bag.

TNT Treat Bags - Potion Labels: 

At Party City, I purchased the tiny bubbles in different colors 
and made a template below for the labels.
I used the same 2" by 4" labels and just cut out each label to stick onto the potion bottles.
Since printing color on these labels can be tricky and smudge, I chose to use clear bottles and color them in with markers (who doesn't have markers or crayons)?

Here is the template in both PDF and Word version.

TNT Treat Bags - Fire Torches: 

- Pack of Pretzel Treat Bags
- Pack(s) of Pretzel Rods
- Pack(s) of Chocolate Candy Melts in White, Orange and Yellow
- Wax Paper

1. Place a large piece of wax paper down to set down your pretzels as soon as they are dipped.
2. Melt the white chocolate following instructions on the bag.
3. Dip the pretzel rod into the white chocolate about 2-3 inches down onto the pretzel, DRIP the chocolate to create the thinnest layer of chocolate possible, and set down onto wax paper.  If you have an excess amount of chocolate on your pretzel, it will spill onto the wax paper and create a large flat amount of hard chocolate.  You can use a knife to cut this excess chocolate off, but that's only adding more work.  You can place the sheet of wax paper into the fridge to expedite cooling - but it dries within 10 minutes on the counter, so it's up to you. 
4. Repeat Step 3 using the orange chocolate, allow to cool and harden, then repeat with yellow.  Only melt one bag of chocolate at a time, as it will also harden in your bowl.  If the chocolate starts to solidify, stick it back in the microwave for 10 seconds and continue.
This only keeps about 2-3 inches of the whole pretzel stick covered in chocolate, so you are more than welcome to go much further down, but none of the kids (or parents) complained about the lack of chocolate on the other 3/4 of the pretzel! :)

Table Setting - Papercraft Boxes:

I lined the table with these boxes printed on all sorts of shapes and sizes.
I printed the large ones on 11 x 17 paper.  The PDFs of these are 8.5 x 11 so you need to resize (I cannot offer technical help).

Go to this website to print out the blocks.
They also have Steve, Enderman, Creeper, etc.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eat Drink Give Thanks Graphic Download - Free

You can download this image in PDF (best quality), TIFF or JPEG for personal use.
Download Links from my Google Drive:   
PDF  |   TIFF |    JPEG
Happy Fall!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Calendar Printables (Blank)

These are blank, monthly calendars for you to print on 11x17 paper and use.
Click on the month you want to download from below:

Download Here:

Download Here:  February

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Download Here:

Game of Thrones Printables

Printables for your Game of Thrones love :) LOL.
I printed these and posted them above our bed.
See below for downloading PDF in 11x17

Moon of My Life:

My Sun and Stars:

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Disney Cars - Printable Downloads (Photoshop Files)

Here are the other graphics I created in Photoshop CS5 for Aiden's themed birthday party.
They are all downloadable (link directly below image) from my GoogleDrive.

Download Photoshop File Here:

Download PDF File (for directly printing without editing):

 Download Photoshop File Here:

Download PDF File (for directly printing without editing):

 Download Photoshop File Here:

Download PDF File (for directly printing without editing):

Disney Cars Name Logo - Photoshop Customizable

I created this logo for my son's birthday (see previous post).
Here is the Adobe Photoshop CS5 (.psd) file for download.
The font that I used is Airstream.  You must download this font to customize this logo.
This can be downloaded here:
This is the link from my GoogleDrive for the download of this Photoshop document:


Monday, March 4, 2013

Aiden's Third Birthday!

I will post up the graphics that I have used for the Disney Cars theme for others to use.